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Grant Assistance Services

The County also provides support and assistance to organizations within its boundaries for obtaining grant funding; whereas through Vulcan Business Development Society (VBDS), the County funds the position of a Community Grant Writer to assist communities, charities and non-profit organizations within Vulcan County’s borders for grants research and application.

The Community Grant Writer will pro-actively engage with local community groups and organizations so as to affirmatively seek opportunities to provide a grant writing service to our ratepayer groups. This service will include interviewing the group to determine the scope of the project they wish to pursue and the eligibility of the group and their project. The Community Grant Writer will ensure that any grant prerequisites are met such as society incorporations, financial statements, previous grant reporting and other such matters are up to date, correct and included with the application.

The following is the contact information:

Liza Dawber
Grants Coordinator

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Phone: 403-485-3130
Fax: 403-485-3143


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Relating to Grants:

Why are grants important?
Non-profit groups have more and more projects and programs to fund, and money is increasingly difficult to find.  Grants from both government and the private sector are a good source of funding.  In addition, grants can multiply the revenue you earn or receive from other sources so more projects will be successful if grants can be found.

Why do we need help with grants?
Each grant program has its own criteria and rules. Every grant must be accounted for.  The paperwork can be daunting for volunteers and learning the ropes takes more time than many volunteers have.  This is why your Community Grant Writer provides seamless end to end grant application support.

Our group has had success with grants already - why would I need the Community Grant Writer's help?
You probably don't need much help, but the Community Grant Writer has some useful resources that you probably don't have.  For instance, there is software that has been purchased to look for grants is likely too expensive for most non-profit groups to buy, but the Community Grant Writer can do a search for you and possibly turn up some new sources of money you may not have known about before.

Why is the County offering help with grants?
The County is the first place non-profit groups look for help to fund their projects.  Since the County budget is limited, some groups cannot be funded directly, or will not find enough money for their entire project.  But your County Council thinks your projects are important and has provided funding and resources so that the Community Grant Writer can assist you.

What can the Community Grant Writer do for my non-profit group?
The Community Grant Writer has a very broad mandate to do all that is required to help you gain access to grant funding.

What can the Community Grant Writer not do for my non-profit group?
The Community Grant Writer helps with the writing of the grants, but most of the "grunt work" (incorporation, budgets, research, etc) will still fall upon your organization. Reporting on successful grants will also be your responsibility but the Community Grant Writer will remain available to help you through the process.

Does working with the Community Grant Writer guarantee us funding?
No - the Community Grant Writer can help you work through the process, and give you tips to improve your proposals, but there is never any guarantee that proposals you work on together will be successful.


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